Acadia Association


Emmanuel BC, Eunice

February 12, 2017



  • Pastors –

Dr. Joe McKeever will share with pastors leadership lessons he learned the hard way.

  • Pastor’s wives –

some of the most important people in the local church are the pastor’s wife. The ladies get to get away and “let their hair down” together in these sessions.

  • Music –

Chad Boudreaux will help music leaders and volunteers to better understand the process of creating a music program and develop music in the weekly service.

  • Youth –

Christopher Holmes will help youth leaders and volunteers create an environment for ministry to take place in our youth’s lives.

  • Children –

David Anderson from the LBC will help us to better understand children’s ministry in the local church.

  • Administration –

Stacy Morgan from the LBC will lead a session on best practices in church administration.

  • Training Lay Leaders –

Dr. Randy Tompkins will give insight on how to train key lay leaders in your local church. Many of the most important tasks are led by these lay leaders.